This is a custom monthly workout plan designed for clients who don’t need nutritional help but would like custom monthly workouts.

These workouts are focused on helping you build lean muscle and are tailored to your ideal physique goals. Cardio will be structured based on what you have access to and what you like doing. I personally believe in resistance training first then adding in cardio to help you burn more calories. But resistance training should be the primary focus and should be done first to get the best results.

I will provide unlimited support via messenger on the Ashley Wiens Fitness App and WEEKLY check-ins with this plan to keep you accountable. Please remember adjustments will be made when necessary (i.e. adjustments will be made if the current plan is not working with your current lifestyle, schedule, or if your body is not responding correctly or if you have hit a plateau). Please make sure to keep consistent communication with me.

Clients who consistently ask questions, check in weekly, and follow their plan to the best of their ability, see the best of results. Keep in mind that constant communication and transparency is key to your success while following plan. You will be responsible for sending in weekly weigh-ins and progress photos (front/back/side poses) on your assigned day in order to receive adjustments to your plan.

$175 Monthly

This plan includes:


One-on-One Coaching


Ashley Wiens Fitness Mobile App Access


Unlimited Support on the Ashley Wiens Fitness App


Custom Workout Plan


Instructional Videos


WEEKLY Check Ins


Sample Meal Guide

Not Customized


Adjustments made as necessary

Ashley Wiens Fitness


If you have any questions, comments or business inquiries please fill out the contact form below to send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you reach your goals.